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My Blessing.

This year I received one of the greatest blessings of my life. His name is Justin.

Justin first came into my life on April 4th of this year, at the Renaissance Festival. (Though I had seen him in a play two days before, he was the dwarf in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.) I took my brother to the Ren Faire as a present for his 11th birthday; we had a lot of fun, and good brother-sister bonding time. 🙂 Before we left I had texted a few friends that I was going, and wondered if I might see them there. (It was the final weekend of the faire.) My friend Dan was going to be there for a few hours, and he brought two of his friends, Richie and Justin. I met the guys and we all hung out for a bit, both of Dan’s friends seemed very nice. We saw some of the musicians from “The Minstrels of Mayhem” play, and I took pictures for Justin; he really likes that band a lot.

That night I went home and looked Justin up on facebook, only to find that he had already sent me a friend request. That was the extent of our interaction. Click “add” and say hello, that’s about it. We had a brief discussion via wall postings on facebook about Dr. Who, but only because Dan had mentioned that I was also a fan of the BBC sci-fi series.

Almost two months later, on May 25th, Justin came with Dan to the church’s college-aged Bible study. We were both equally surprised to see each other. (Only later did I learn that one of the reasons he’d come to the Bible study was because he hoped I might be there. lol.) We all had a good time chatting after the study; Brian, Steve, and Cliff were outside working on Brian’s car to fix the bumper, while I was inside with Dan, Justin, and Ryan. We discussed (mostly) intellectual things. Talked about life, school, Dr. Who, traveling, and other such things. On his phone Justin had the Dr. Who theme as his ringtone, so I gave him my phone number, and he tried to send it to me. He made some silly comment along the lines of, “Hey, I get a phone number out of this…” lol. We couldn’t (and still can’t) get the ringtone to my phone. lol.

The next day I was home alone for most of the day, and Justin was working security, so I IM’d him and we had the chance to talk online for a bit while things were slow there. That night he sent me the first text message, it was a picture he had taken when he was in Ireland. We talked most of the day, on and off, sharing little things about ourselves, our pasts, etc. He seemed like a nice guy, but I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything more than friendship at that time. (I had someone I was interested in…loooong story behind that one. lol.)

The next day we talked online again, a little more seriously; beliefs, past relationships, things that bug us, etc. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but he started talking about someone he was interested in, and how he was afraid to tell her because he didn’t think she would be interested in him; his last relationship left him frustrated and feeling down. 😦 I assured him (knowing full well what was going on. lol.) that if this girl didn’t have any interest in him, I’m sure she would be nice about it. The next part of the conversation is basically as follows:

Justin: “I’m a failure.”

Me: “What? You’re not a failure.”

Justin: “A loser then.”

Me: “You’re not a loser either. Why would you be a loser?”

Justin: “Because, No = loser.”

Me: “I didn’t say anything…”

Justin: “Gih!”

lol. So that was that. He’d told me he was interested, and for some reason, I didn’t back away as I usually would. I’d met him once a few months ago, talked online via facebook wall posts, met at Bible study, and chatted online twice. I thought he was a nice guy and wanted to get to know him, but wasn’t ready to jump into anything with anyone. Only God knows why I didn’t back out when he said he was interested, but I have a feeling is was a God thing. 🙂

So for the next few weeks Justin and I got to know each other, spent more time together doing random things.We hung out with my friends, went running in the morning with some of my girlies, and went to church and Bible study together. When I picked him up for Bible study the first week after we’d met at study, he brought me a pretty flower. 🙂 A simple, lovely hibiscus he had picked. It was very very sweet. 🙂 We hung out on campus (where he lives) a few times after Bible study. One of those times I could barely look at him…I was blushing, and amazed that someone could think so highly of me and treat me so nicely. And then when I finally did look at him, he was practically paralyzed (so he says). lol! It was a silly situation, to say the least.

If you’ll read my previous blog (https://eowynfair.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/one-joy-expected-another-given/) you’ll read that I had some trouble accepting this wonderful blessing. I was really struggling between this one guy who I had been interested before, and Justin. This other guy I had liked for about a year and had been thinking about him and praying about the possibility of a relationship for that year. (THere’s more to the story, but I don’t feel like going into it now.) I had the option of waiting on the first guy (who I thought might have been right for me) but possibly missing out on something wonderful with Justin, or going for a relationship with Justin but possibly missing out on something with the other guy. Needless to say, I really frustrated both guys with all of this. lol. But they were both very good friends, and very understanding while I was freaking out. Justin in particular had a lot to deal with, but he was pretty wonderful about it. Thank you for being so good to me love!

Justin is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. He is protective, loving, and devoted…but not that passively sweet kind of guy that would just let you walk all over him. lol. He tells me sweet things, leaves me cute messages, and is there for me whenever I need to talk or want a hug. And for my birthday he surprised me with a wooden pennywhistle! It is so pretty! http://www.sweetheartflute.com/fifes/HiDfifes2-lg.jpg It’s the top one. ^.^ (And I didn’t look at the price…I know it had to be expensive…I don’t think I want to know…lol. He probably shouldn’t have done it, but it was a very sweet surprise and made me feel special.) And Justin has basically handled this relationship the way that I had hoped my first relationship would be. (Yes, he is my first boyfriend.) We have discussed various beliefs and values, and doctrinal things, asking each other specific questions to verify compatibility and such. We pray together, and go to church together, we go to Bible studies and discipleship meetings, we read the Bible together, and we talk about serious things. We set some basic guidelines for affection and such things, to keep us from misbehaving. lol. He’s a very good boy though, desiring to do what’s right and to treat me the way I should be. Thank you darling! 😀 And thank you Jesus for sending me such a wonderful man. ^.^

Funny story… One night he was over fairly late, and we had been having some deep conversations. There were tears and big hugs, and just some healthy bonding time. (This was also before any kisses. lol.) Well, we were snuggled on the couch, heads leaned together, and he was praying. As we were praying together, my roommate walked in the door. We jumped (because we weren’t sure who was coming in. My family doest hat sometimes. Gr.), and Justin says, “We were praying!” Erin looked rather bewildered, and left the room. Hehehe… So now it’s a big inside joke. lol.

Eventually we decided that we were definitely going to start a relationship, and we felt that this was what God wanted for us. We were basically together at that time, but hadn’t made it official yet. So he officially asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes, and we changed it on facebook. lol. (July 13th was the official date.) We were together, but he still needed to talk to Dad. Eeek! I was still having some doubts, but I think that was mostly because this is completely new territory for me, having a boyfriend. Ack! But he talked to dad and, surprisingly, dad wasn’t all serious like I thought he would be. He gave his blessing, and that was that. He hasn’t really said much of anything about it though, which I think is cool.

So that’s the story; I’m in a relationship now with Justin, and I’m happy. ^.^ I think you’re finally up to date, and there will be more stories about Justin in the future, but I think this blog is long enough. lol. Have a great day!


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