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It’s a month before my wedding and things are slowly coming together. Most things are going fairly well, and at a reasonable price; however, I have had a bit of a fiasco regarding candy. I went to http://www.acandystore.com and ordered some yogurt chips. We thought “hey, these will be great in little tulle bags on the table. We can put cute ribbons on them too!” When the yogurt chips arrived they were melted! Not only were they melted, they were also packaged poorly. In ordering from a store that does only candy one would expect them to ship it well, even if they have some cheap shipping rates. There is a disclaimer on the website, but you have to open up their shipping policies page (which I did not). (Read it here: http://www.acandystore.com/shipping-date-popup.html). I called them up and a friendly woman named Ginger helped me out. She said they can’t guarantee that the candy won’t be melted (can you at least guarantee that it won’t ALL be melted??) and she said the poor packaging was how it was always shipped. She said, “if you order from Jelly Belly they just stick them in a box.” Well I hate to break it to you, but jelly beans are a bit different than yogurt chips! (I know that there was a disclaimer, which I should have read, but there should be some sort of pop-up that will appear when you purchase something meltable or if you are shipping the items far away.) Ginger contacted her managers, who will be giving us a refund of our money. We will be taking our business elsewhere, most likely to GFS (Gordon Food Services), where we can purchase something delicious in bulk without having to worry about shipping!

Here are some pictures of the product we received:




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