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My boyfriend Justin is so wonderful, do you want to know why?

Justin is sweet, romantic, and dorky. He whispers sweet nothings in my ears and tells me cute things. Justin is a very handsome man, tall and slender, with beautifully sad green eyes. He leaves me sweet texts and messages on facebook, tells me I’m beautiful, and he picks flowers for me for no particular reason. 🙂 One of the first sweet messages he sent me, while he was working overnight security: “Good morning fair maiden. I kept watch over your kingdom during the night, now the day is yours and I must rest. Go forth and bless the land with your grace.” *sigh*

He is very protective of me, and is always wary when it comes to other guys. I really appreciate his protectiveness and slight jealousy over my attention; it makes me feel valued. I feel safe when I am with him, when I’m wrapped in his arms…there is no place I like to be better than snuggled up close to him, safe and warm. ^.^

He is a strong Christian and desires to please God with his actions. He is also a prayer; he always prays before meals and he often prays with me. He also prays for me when I am not there, and I really like that a lot. He is trustworthy and honest, a man of his word. I have no fear when I talk to him; when I ask if something is wrong (or whatever) I don’t have to worry that he is holding something back from me; if there is something he needs in our relationship that he isn’t getting, he tells me. I also know that I can trust him around other women…he keeps his mind clean, and doesn’t even pay attention to anyone else. Communication is highly important in a relationship, and I think that we communicate very well. If there is something bothering one of us, we can talk about it easily. Whatever it is, we’re comfortable discussing it because we want to keep our relationship healthy. I think it is very refreshing to have someone who can be so honest and open with me. We are also going to start doing devotionals together soon; just another step to keep our relationship strong and God-centered. 🙂

Something fun about Justin is that he is Jewish, or as he would say, “Jew-‘ish’.” He uses random Yiddish phrases fairly often and it makes me giggle. He is very funny! He likes puns a lot and will often go off on a long string of them. He is a drama kid, does some amusing impressions, and frequently writes comedy with his roommate. The two of them are hilarious together!

A neat thing is that he also likes the Medieval and Renaissance time periods; we actually met at a Ren Faire (through a friend), and have been back several times together. Of course we went in costume! I wore a medieval dress and he wore his kilt! 😀 (The first text he sent me was a picture he took while in Ireland…we want to go there someday together.) When we visited his family up north over Christmas break he showed me his sword collection, and we brought back his little gaming figures that he had painted; he did a nice job on them. They are from Lord of the Rings! He really likes LotR, and Princess Bride, and things like that. We often use quotes from our favorite fantasy epics and science fiction shows. We both enjoy sci-fi television shows; we watch an episode of Stargate every time we get a chance. (I haven’t seen very many of them, so we’re working our way through the seasons.) Next up: Star Trek!

Something that really makes Justin stand out from other guys is his sensitivity to my needs and desires. He is always checking on me to make sure that I am ok, that I have what I need in our relationship, and that I am provided for in the ways that make me happy. He often buys gasoline for me, goes places with me when he’s had little sleep, helps me eat healthier food, and makes sure that he has paid enough attention to me. On those days when I’ve overtired or feeling hormonal he takes very good care of me too! He knows how to calm me down when I’m stressed out, and can always cheer me up when I’m feeling sad. And when past memories make me emo, or I’m bothered by some guy, he is very understanding and patient with me.)He always knows the right thing to say, and his hugs and nuzzles make everything better! ^.^ He is also very observant of things that I need or want. For my birthday he bought me a wooden pennywhistle. I had mentioned once somewhere in the beginning of our friendship that I would like to have one someday, and he got it for me! 😀 For Christmas he bought the third book in the Eragon books, and also got me some plastic eld ears. I know it’s silly, but I thought it was cute!

It’s rare these days to find a guy as responsible and hard working as my love is. He works long hours overnight doing security at his school, and has worked twenty-four hour shifts before, just so he could have off to go somewhere with me. He always takes pride in his grades, and works hard to make sure that he gets all his school work done and makes good grades in his classes. He keeps a schedule, and doesn’t just do things willy-nilly and irresponsibly like many college guys do. And even when he has a lot of work to do, he still makes time for me to meet my needs as well. He’s amazing!

I really appreciate that Justin is also very willing to do things that I ask him to do; like sing, or cook. He’s not a musician (I am a music education major) but he has a nice voice, and he likes Renaissance/Folk music almost as much as I do. I’ve asked him to sing more often, because I like it, and so he does. 🙂 I also think it is a good thing that he learn how to cook, and he agrees that it is a necessary skill, so he always helps me in the kitchen and is very willing to learn how to cook yummy food, so that someday in the future (if we marry) he will be able to take care of me and of any children we might have. Lately I’ve been trying to lose some weight and get in shape; a few times a week I go walking/jogging with some friends in the morning. Justin often goes with me because he is very supportive of anything I really want to do; he’s always been that way. He is encouraging in my efforts to be healthy, he supports my work as a composer, and keeps me from feeling too down when music stuff at school is irritating. He attends church, family gatherings, and random events that I ask him to go to. He comes to church picnics, my sibling’s concerts, and whatever it is that I ask him to go to. He’s so wonderful!

It makes me happy too that he gets along with my family. He and my father have theological and intellectual conversations, and my siblings always jump on him and give him a big hug when they see him. It is reassuring to know that my family really likes him. I think if I don’t marry him that my dad just might! He enjoys spending time with them I think, and I feel comfortable enough to leave him alone with my family. Hehe. 🙂

I know it’s silly, but I like the fact that he is nerdy, and very intelligent. We find sci-fi to watch, video games to play, and nerdy things to download. He is very good with computers and internet stuff, and is so very smart. We discuss interesting hypotheses about things and have fun being dorky together. We also talk about theology and history and music. It’s nice to have someone smart to talk to who is always willing to listen to whatever silly thing you have to say.

You may have heard of the book, The Five Love Languages, by Chapman. It’s a really interesting read. There are five main love languages, and if you can figure out which ones you and your friends identify with most it is very helpful. Justin and I share the same top three love languages, though we all use all five of them; quality time, physical affection, and words of affirmation. He is very good about spending time with me, telling me things that make me feel loved, and he is very affectionate. He is so sweet and tender, sometimes just a kiss on the cheek can make me melt. :’)

Justin is such an amazing boyfriend, and is my best friend. I love him so very much! We are coming up on our eleven month-a-versary in a few day, and I hope that we can be together for many years to come. He is such a precious gift from God. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us together. Thank you, Justin, my handsome sweet prince, for being so wonderful to me. I love you!


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This is a story that I wrote when I was 7 and in 2nd grade at Skycrest Christian School. (There has been spelling and grammatical correction.) I thought you all might enjoy reading what came out of my imagination at that age (some of you may remember it), though the story isn’t complete without my illustrations. 🙂 I had a little help from my dad, predominantly for stylistic things (like not using the same adjectives all the time) but most of it is purely me. It’s every little girl’s dream to meet a handsome prince who becomes her best friend, thinks she’s beautiful, and saves her from the troubles of her life…and this is how one seven-year-old told her story. 🙂

The Prince and The Princess

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful, blonde, 23-year old princess named Eowyn. She loved the outdoors, big butterflies, animals, trees, tiny bugs, grass, moss, and pretty flowers. She asked her mom, Queen Elizabeth, if she could go outside. While she was riding her horse Duchess she met a handsome prince. They became best friends. She introduced Prince Derek to her parents Queen Elizabeth and King Edward and her sisters, Caitlin and Rhiannon. Derek loved Eowyn, but she did not know it. They had fun together, riding their horses Duke and Duchess through the grassy fields close to her royal castle.

Chapter 2

In a near-by dark and scary cave lived a huge, magical, flying fire-breathing dragon named Ruhtra. He wanted to capture the Princess Eowyn and make her his wife, because he was a powerful wizard in a magical disguise. “I have an idea,” Ruhtra hissed to himself. “I will get disguized up as the prince and catch Eowyn. Once I have done it, I will disguise myself as the princess. Then I will capture the prince and put a sleep spell on Derek so that he will never wake again. I, Ruhtra the magificent, will have beautiful princess Eowyn all to myself.” Ruhtra grabbed the pouch of magic dust thata he wore on a rope around his scaly neck. The dragon sprinkled the golden dust all over his scaly body. The room was filled with a glistening glow as bright as the sun. his claws became feet and hands; his scaly head became a human’s head, and his tail disappeared completely. He staggered toward the huge mirror that hung on the dark cave wall. He laughed at what he saw. He looked just like the prince!

Chapter 3

“Oh, hello Derek! What are you doing here?” asked Princess Eowyn. She was picking roses and was not expecting to see Derek.

“I’ve got something to show you,” the prince said. Who was really Ruhtra in his magical disguise. “Close your eyes. Hold my hand and I’ll take you to this really terrific place.” Ruhtra took her to his cave. “We are there now. You can open your eyes,” he told Princess Eowyn.

“Aaaaaaah!” screamed Eowyn. She was terrified when she opened her eyes, because Ruhtra had turned into a hideous dragon.

Ruhtra quickly tied her up and laughed loudly, “I am not your handsome prince but Ruhtra the Magnificent! Oh you are such a pretty fool. Now you are mine forever,” bragged Ruhtra. “Your beloved Prince Derek will die before daybreak tomorrow. I will bea ble to capture him the same way I captured you.” He grabbed the burlap pouch again and sprinkled the dust all over his scaly body. His claws became hands and feet, his scaly head became a human’s head and his tail disappeared completely. He staggered to the mirror that hung on the dark cave wall. Ruhtra laughed at what he saw, but this time he looked just like the princess.

“You ugly beast! I hate you! Prince Derek will never believe ou are me. The pouch around your neck will give you away. And when he finds out, Derek will kill you!”

“I’d take off the pouch,” said Ruhtra, “but if I do, I can’t transform and I am stuck in whatever form I’m in. I’ll have to kill him quicker and I won’t have as much fun. Good-bye,” waved Ruhtra as he left the cave.

“Please dear God, keep me and Derek safe,” prayed Eowyn. “Don’t let Ruhtra hurt Derek. May Prince Derek kill the evil Ruhtra.” She cried all alone in the cave.

Chapter 4

Prince Derek rode his horse through the grassy fields. He stopped to water Duke at a swiftly flowing stream. He had been looking for the princess most of the morning and had failed to find her. He was beginning to get concerned. Derek heard a sweet, soft voice singing. “I think I hear my beautiful Eowyn,” thought the prince as he flew on his horse toward the singing voice. When he got there he saw Eowyn, dancing gracefully in the meadow, singing sweetly. “Eowyn! There you are. I’ve been looking for you most of the morning!” Derek exclaimed.

“Derek, I didn’t know you were looking for me. I’ve got a special surprise for you,” said the disguized Ruhtra.

“What is in that pouch around your neck?” asked the Prince. “Is that a gift from somebody? What is in that pouch?”

“It’s none of your beeswax,” said the wizard rudely. The fake princess was surprised that he had found it so quickly. She grabbed the burlap pouch and sprinkled the golden powder all over her body. Her hands became claws, her head became a dragon’s head, and she grew a spiked dragon’s tail. “I am Ruhtra, the Magnificent. I have captured your beautiful princess and I will make her be my wife. This magic dust turns me into things like this evil dragon you see before your eyes,” he said.

“I will kill you, you horrible creature, if it’s the last thing I do!” Derek shouted angrily. Derek jumped off of his horse and ripped the pouch off the dragons scaly neck. He moved so fast Ruhtra could not excape, and before Ruhtra could breathe fire, the prince sprinkled the magic golden powder all over the dragon’s body. His claws became tiny little bug legs, his dragon head shrunk and grew antennas, and his tail disappeared completely. Ruhtra didn’t laugh this time, because Prince Derek had turned him into a small brown cockroach. Derek squished him with his boot.

Chapter 5

“Now I must go save Eowyn,” said Derek as he wiped his boot. “Where must I look first?” He thought and thought until he had an iea, “I know where to look! In that nearby dark and scary cave.” Derek jumped onto his horse and bounded across the grassy fields toward the cave. He was worried and hurried his horse on.

When he got there Prince Derek lept from his horse and ran into the dark cave. “Eowyn, where are you?” shouted the prince. The sound echoed all over the cave.
“I’m over here Derek! Are you safe? What has happened to the horrible dragon?” she cried. The prince ran to her side. He began to weep, for she was alive. “The dragon is dead. He will never hurt anyone ever again!” cried Derek as he untied her. It was then that Derek told Eowyn that he loved her. “Will you marry me, Princess Eowyn?” asked Prince Derek on his knee. “Oh, yes!” she exclaimed. “I have loved you since the day I met you.”

Chapter 6

The prince and the princess were married the next week. They lived many happy years together, and had two beautiful twins named Hiliary and Ricky, who grew up to be a princess and a prince. But every time Eowyn saw a cockroach, she always called on Derek to stomp on it.

The End

May, 1996.

My name is Eowyn Finch, and I am in 2nd grade at Skycrest Christian School. It’s my first time writing a story. My dream is to be a princess and meet a handsome prince, and get saved from a dragon by the prince and get carried away. Then get married to him and get carried away by him.

Copyright 2009, Finchmark Publishing Co.

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